X2 Logistics Network member moves A320 Fuselage Wing section

X2 Critical Member - Active Transport recently moved an A320 Fuselage Wing Section from Kemble, England to Pamplona, Spain.

Active Transport Fuselage Wing Section Richard Overton X2 Logistics Networks


Every single part of an aircraft is important, as they are all intricate in their own way. Failure of one small part could lead to serious damages to the aircraft. Holding these parts together is the fuselage wing section. It holds crew, passengers, and cargo. The fuselage also serves to position control and stabilization surfaces in specific relationships to lifting surfaces, which is required for aircraft stability and maneuverability.


The experts at Active Transport were recently tasked with moving the massive fuselage wing section of an Airbus A320 from Kemble, England to Pamplona, Spain. This amounted to a total of 1500 Kms. Even while weighing in at 6000 kg and having the dimensions 6.2 x 4.4 x 3.95 meters this move proved no hassle to the Active Transport team.


The Fuselage wing section was picked up at the Air Salvage International, Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire.


The part of the move that took the longest time was where they had to gather the data necessary to determine alignment, grading, and earthwork quantities for the move, so as to avoid having unforeseen and unnecessary issues during the move. To do this they had to undertake route surveys at both ends to ensure the proper clearance and access with the local Police and authorities in both the U.K and in Spain.


The shipment was sent by ship via Portsmouth, Bilbao and it reached its final destination in Navarre. X2 Founder & C.E.O Richard Overton commented: “Great to see our X2 Critical members doing great work and brilliant collaboration!”




Formed in 2012, X2 Logistics Networks is a Global Logistics Network of Independent Freight-Forwarders.  A company offering services that would allow for small-medium size freight forwarders to compete with multinationals in both capability and presentation.


Active Transport is a privately-owned company. From humble beginnings in 2000, the Company has grown to become the road cargo transport and logistics solution of choice for many forwarding companies and suppliers alike looking for a reliable carrier.