What is your claim to fame…?

Claus Jørstad will forever be remembered as the guy who had the incident with the Ikea Marius stool.

Claus Jørstad fantorangen Ikea Marius stool

Claus Jørstad will forever be remembered as the guy who had the incident with the Ikea stool. Parts of the story have been lost through translation, (as any bilingual will tell you, direct translation doesn’t always work) but even so, it still makes for a good read.


Following a knee injury Claus thought it’d be a good idea to purchase the sturdy and durable Marius stool from Swedish furniture shop Ikea, with the intention to use it while he showered. After testing it out in store and feeling he’d made the right decision, he took it home. The very first test drive is where things got a little dicey… The following post is the account in Claus’s words:


Happy dance time – or at least that’s what we assume would have been Claus’s reaction at this point. A clear comedian, he went on to ask if the stool came in yellow in his Facebook post.


After the post had been liked and shared a few times, Ikea responded, keeping the same maritime theme:


In one of the many interviews that followed, Claus told reporters the cartoon character on the wash cloth was named ‘fantorangen.’ At first glance the obvious assumption is he chose it for aesthetic purposed, and if that was your guess, you’re wrong. ‘Fant’ – the first four letters of the name – is apparently slang in Norwegian for the captain.



Of course with his new found fame and all the interviews, a little more information started coming out and it came to light that there was a slight fabrication in Claus’s original account of events.


This is what really happened: “I sat there and discovered all of a sudden that the use of that stool could have unfortunate consequences for a man, so decided to warn IKEA and the world about what could potentially happen in future.” He said


We’re happy to report that today Claus uses the stool for much safer purposes. Anyone else think it is not a coincidence that he chose that exact plant? A phallic cactus, really, euphemism much…? *Drops Mic* This guy really knows how to keep a joke going.