Virgin Atlantic Cargo granted WDA for global headquarters operations and Pharma Zone

Virgin Atlantic Cargo has been granted a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for its global headquarters operations and Pharma Zone at Heathrow Airport.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo WDA Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

Alongside new facilities and equipment, Virgin Atlantic’s network connecting major international pharma markets is the other key factor boosting its share of pharma volumes. Through its JV with Delta Cargo, Virgin now offers almost a quarter of all transatlantic cargo capacity, the busiest global lane for pharma shipments. Virgin serves a total of 11 U.S. destinations, offering direct services to the UK and fast connections into Europe. Demand is also up for pharma services to India and China.

Virgin’s Pharma Zone is a secure and segregated facility with GDP-trained staff dedicated to the handling and storage of pharma shipments. It incorporates walk-in pods for loose pharma shipments and six chambers for pallet storage, which can accommodate 24 PMCs in 2-8C or 15-25C temperature ranges, as well as multiple charging points for active containers. In addition to CSafe’s new RAP container, Virgin also offers customers the opportunity to utilise CSafe’s RKN unit and Envirotainer’s RKN t2, RAP t2, RKN e1 and RAP e2 units for temperature-controlled pharma products.

The airline’s service offering for temperature-sensitive shipments is also benefiting from the co-location of its handling operations with Delta Cargo at major gateways in the UK and U.S. Delta’s significant progress with its IATA CEIV Pharma programme has seen them achieve certification for both their global headquarters and handling facility in Atlanta. This is the first JV providing true end-to-end compliance and assurance for customers moving pharma and life science shipments in both markets.