Kale’s Canopus in stride with GST migration

Kale Logistics’ CANOPUS – Customs Clearance Management Software has successfully migrated its users in accordance to the new GST regulation.

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In accordance to this new taxation and other regulatory changes, CANOPUS – the Customs Clearance Management (CCM) software has already permeated GST in its financial and operational modules. With the new GST equipped CANOPUS, the clients were able to experience seamless and error free migration in their existing application.


Beginning from July 1st 2017, the central government of India levied the Goods & Services Tax (GST) on the consumption of goods and services pan India. CANOPUS is a signature Kale Logistics’ product designed for Customs Brokers (CBs). One of its unique features is its adaptability to changing trading taxation outlines. Easy adaptation ensures that clients do not have to face any operational crises due to changes in government taxations and policies. Moreover, as the application is hosted online, it is readily available for customer’s use without need of manual update installations. As the application is web-based there was no hassle of patch or manual updation.


Speaking about the migration, Mr. Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions said, “It has been our endeavor to ensure that our solutions are easily adaptable and customizable. By successfully migrating all our CANOPUS customers to the new GST system, we have ensured that our clients do not face any operational hindrances due to changing taxation policies. We have encouraging reports from our customers who have started getting acclimatised to the new tax system. We were one of the first to send declarations in new format to Customs system.”


Adding further, Mr. More says, “We have also taken a special initiative to educate customers, vendors and employees about smooth switching over to the new system of tax administration. I want to thank all my industry associates for their continuous support in understanding and implementing GST.”

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