Atlas Air flourishing in challenging times

As far as the air cargo industry goes, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings occupies a rare patch of ground. It has the enviable position of seeing demand for its solutions whether the global economy and hence the air cargo industry, be sky-high or down in the dumps as it currently is. Donald Urquhart has the story.

Atlas Air flourishing in challenging times

As an ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) provider, the services of the group’s four key divisions Atlas Air, Polar Air Cargo, Titan Aviation Leasing and the UKbased Global Supply Systems (GSS) in which it has a 49 per cent stake, have the good fortune of being in demand when business is booming and also when it’s troubled.

Speaking of the current downturn in the air cargo market Atlas executive VP and COO, Michael Steen points out that such market conditions, “create opportunity for us because the solutions that we are providing through ACMI and CMI as well, give the airline industry an opportunity to reduce its unit cost.”

“It creates flexibility to adjust their fleet requirements without necessarily burdening their balance sheet and enables them to take out or minimise their maintenance cost and financial exposure,” he said adding, “we are like the ‘Intel Inside’ – we make our customers faster, more agile and better at a lower cost.”

The ACMI model also works extremely well in an upturn market when capacity is needed immediately, but manufacturers can’t provide you access to that. “So if you look at our fleet from an ACMI perspective we’ve been quite successful over a number of years both in both upturn and downturn markets.

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