Turkish Cargo transports 100 tons of fish to Oman

4-star airline company Turkish Cargo carried 1,5 million live Gilt-head breams weighing 100 tons to Oman from Izmir

Boeing 777F Turkish Cargo

Turkish Cargo, a sub-brand of Turkish Airlines, in charge of maintaining the cargo services of the airline company carried 1,5 million live Gilt-head breams weighing 100 tons to Oman from Izmir.

Providing substantial contributions for the Turkish exporters to introduce their names in different markets with its enhanced services and new destinations added to its flight network recently, Turkish Cargo achieved this successful operation to carry 1,5 million Gilt-head breams, grown in the Aegean Region by Kilic Holding equipped with the highest fish growing capacity across the Europe, to Oman.

During this cargo flight carried out by means of Boeing 777F wide-body freighter on charter basis and accompanied by aquaculture engineers. pH balance, oxygen and water temperature levels of baby gilt-head breams were checked every 1 hour.

Acting in accordance with the principle of “delivering as soon as possible” in cargo operations, Turkish Cargo provided a service beyond-expectations, contributing to the supply chain of marine products, and thus, the Turkish economy.

Turkish Cargo has an adequate freighter fleet and a globally-effective flight network to readily meet the requests for importation of live fish from many Arab countries such as Tunisia, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and builds up trust for special cargo.