TNT India aims to outpace GDP growth

Hardly any of the international express integrators can claim that 2009 was good and 2010 would be better. The Indian arm of TNT, however, has gone one better, declaring 2009 a good year with expectations of growth at two to three times the country’s GDP growth. Manfred Singh has the story.

The managing director of India’s Bangalore-based TNT, Abhik Mitra, put it rather succinctly: “We had a good year in 2009. We grew our international business and we also grew the domestic business both in the service logistics space and expanded our network. Obviously, there is much more to be done in the domestic space as we continue to expand our business on that. But I think 2009, in essence, was the end of a very good year for us.”

Mitra went on to say that TNT’s international freight business grew by 50 per cent overall and 60 per cent in the India-Europe lane in 2009. According to him, “the market for the international freight business segment grew just over 5 per cent in the same period” proving to all that TNT India was “the preferred partner and was able to expand unlike other players. We are and also seeing tremendous demand from Tier II andIII cities for our services.”

The credit for the stellar performance in 2009, according to Mitra, was “partly to do with the game plan that we had. We had one integrated organization doing both international and domestic services. We engaged with our customers more sharply in our business because we always took care of both the requirements rather than one company doing international, another company doing domestic. From a domestic market perspective, the economic downturn did not threaten us.”