Thinking out of the box!


Thinking out of the box!

Trolling the web, as the Belly Achers frequently do (shh, don’t tell the boss this is really what we’ve been up to almost everyday!), we came across this gem of a story that we just have to share with you.

We also reckon it might just be the perfect way of testing security in the air cargo supply chain – and hey if you manage to do it a couple of times, you’ll be a ‘Known Shipper’ already!

So the story (and it’s a true story) goes something like this: Reg Spiers, a promising Australian javelin thrower travelled to London to try and recover from an injury that had interrupted his athletics career and threatened to impact his qualifying for the 1964 Olympic games.

When it was clear he wouldn’t make the games and by now stranded in London with no money to buy a plane ticket home, Spiers takes a job at the airport. But impatient at his slow rate of savings and desperate to get back to Australia in time for his daughter’s birthday, he stumbles on an idea – why not ship himself back home!?

“I worked in the export cargo section, so I knew about cash-on-delivery with freight. I’d seen animals come through all the time and I thought, ‘If they can do it I can do it.’” He also knew the maximum size of crate that could be sent by airfreight so he and friend set about building a wooden crate 5ft x 3ft x 2.5ft (1.5m x 0.9m x 0.75m).