TAPA campaign in face of rising cargo crime

As cargo crime continues to rise, the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is launching a global campaign to double the number of TAPA-certified warehouse facilities to over 2,000 in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific in the next three years and to make a ‘quantum leap’ in the number of trucking companies operating in compliance with the Association’s Security Standards.

TAPA’s Facility Security Requirements (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) have been developed by supply chain security professionals and logistics specialists. Independently-audited, they are widely respected as the leading security standards for the movement of high value, theft targeted goods and many supplier contracts now demand compliance wiThTAPA Standards.

Scott Dedic, chairman of TAPA Americas, said: “Companies join TAPA because they see how our standards, training, networking and intelligence tools can further enhance their existing in-house security programmes. This campaign aims to help more of our members to gain FSR and TSR certification and to give our manufacturer members a bigger choice of suppliers to protect their products in the supply chain.”

The campaign includes a new selfcertification programme for TAPA’s entry level FSR Class ‘C’ and TSR Level ‘3’ Security Standards. TAPA is providing free training for members’ in-house auditors and once this is successfully completed they can undertake their own audits to demonstrate compliance with Class ‘C’ and Level ‘3’.

“The entry level opportunity is important for a number of reasons,” adds Scott Dedic. “It introduces companies to the TAPA Standards in a low cost, manageable way and once they prove their compliance, it results in reputational benefits and new business potential.