Tandem Global Logistics Network works with new strategy

A new network strategy has been announced by Tandem Global Logistics Network. Their 14 shareholding members and 68 cooperative partners will focus on quality, growth, value, and innovation, until the end of 2020. This allows Tandem's Executive Board to measure the successes of this Quality Phase according to these four core tenets.


“We were one of the first logistics networks to grant our partners exclusivity in their respective countries. Because of this exclusivity, partners really have to be dedicated to Tandem”, notes Frits Schouffoer. “That way we can ensure that our clients keep receiving the best possible service to which they are accustomed.” Moreover, growing digitization of the forwarding sector makes the partners’ commitment to one platform under one brand ever more important, since it makes network-wide implementation of IT-tools possible.


In order to remain or become a cooperative Tandem partner certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and requirements have to be met. Among these are: total number of shipments, cooperation with Tandem partners whenever possible, branding their business as a Tandem partner, quality of service, and response time. Tandem requires partners to increase the number of shipments they handle over the network.


Expanding network, all services


The Tandem network is growing constantly and is looking for new, self-driven partners who are interested in a long-term cooperation. Professionally managed and business driven, the cooperative offers its partners exclusivity in their countries, a network of carefully selected agents and the possibility to compete with international forwarders. Unlike many other logistics networks, Tandem requires their cooperative partners to offer all logistics services in-house. Since Tandem only appoints one partner in each country, this ensures that Tandem’s clients can rely on full-service coverage globally.