Suppliers in Avetta’s Network Qualify for More Jobs, Save Money, Become Compliant Quickly

Through one simple process, suppliers such as Raymac Surveys and FastTrac become prequalified for multiple client projects quickly and efficiently and gain access to Avetta’s unique Marketplace.



Through the Avetta Network, Raymac Surveys also was able to find cybersecurity insurance and adjust its general liability amounts for certain clients. The company was able to save 40% on its premiums for Group Health insurance through Avetta’s Suppliers’ Group Benefits Association Program.


Suppliers save money by joining Avetta. Through Avetta’s partnerships with industry-leading insurance providers, suppliers can save money while increasing coverage. Avetta connected FastTrac Telecom Services to USA Telecom, which offers exclusive rates for Avetta clients in the telecommunications sector. USA Telecom worked with FastTrac to procure both a better and more cost-effective insurance plan.


Avetta’s Marketplace also allows suppliers to purchase discounted safety products and safety-related services. Through Avetta’s exclusive insurance partners, suppliers can also realize significant savings on insurance. Avetta was the first in the industry to offer a “Marketplace” of these kinds of value-added services. The best-in-class offerings and exclusive discounts include companies such as BLR, DISA Global Solutions, FleetSharp by Agilis Systems, HUB International, SafetyCulture, Safety Resourcing, UL, Universal Specialty Group, Insurate, USA Telecom Insurance Services, Gallagher and others.


Suppliers who join the Avetta Network receive ongoing maintenance to ensure their companies are up to date. Those services include the following: annual update of health and safety statistics, proactive insurance policy renewal information, on-demand facilitation of new client requirements, management of variance requests, and multi-client administration.