Belly Ache

In this issue of Belly Ache... Smoushonds, Payload Asia editor, old Dutch dogs and pirates, as well as Katy Perry playing peek-a-boo in Dubai.

Sup dawg?

Being the perennially skeptical lot that we are here at Belly Ache Central, we certainly didn’t believe our ears when someone tipped us off about a little humour piece posted on the ‘Punchbag’ page of leading European logistics website CargoForwarder Global. Yes, we know what you’re all thinking, given where the publication is based… But we digress. And so, we paid a visit to said page and lo and behold there it was. To summarise, AA Cargo put out a press release on the transport of some rare Dutch Smoushond dogs and apparently when Punchbag’s editor and former Payload Asia publisher/editor, Nol van Fenema Googled for an image, up popped a photo of Payload Asia’s very own current editor, amongst the pack of hounds!

belly1 Screen grab from CargoForwarder Global showing the results from the Google image search for “picture of Tiffany, a dutch Smoushond”.


Needless to say, things didn’t quieten down in the Belly Acher’s cubicles in the office for quite some time, much to the chagrin of the ‘Ed’, who hence forth is know as the ‘Top Dog’ at Payload Asia. But, once the gut splitting laughter finally ceased, the serious forensic work began, the results of which we turn to in a moment.