Stranger things have happened… or have they?

China Southern Airlines flight delayed for five hours at the Shanghai Pudong after an elderly woman threw coins at the planes’ engine...for good luck!

We’ve been venturing further and further from the norm, but it’s time to come back to earth. As with everything in the world, there are times when coloring outside the lines is justifiable, alas, we live in a society that doesn’t tolerate it for too long. That being said, there are times when doing things out of the norm is just a no-no, especially on flights. Real life examples:


Creating your own luck

For the superstitious, there are many rituals and concepts behind ensuring that good luck follows you wherever you go. As the saying goes, you create your own luck, but one little old lady took it a step too far. A China Southern Airlines flight was delayed for five hours at the Shanghai Pudong Airport after an elderly woman threw nine coins towards the planes’ jet engine. Why you might ask… for good luck!


Think wishing fountain or wishing well, where you throw coins in and make a wish. We’re guessing this was the same idea that she had, except she decided to throw the coins at a very expensive piece of equipment that could have had dire results. Luckily, eight of the coins missed their mark and fellow passengers who caught the action live were able to alert authorities before the plane took off, otherwise things could have gone south real quick.


Can you imagine what it would have been like to witness an elderly woman throwing coins at the engine of the plane you’re about to get on? We’ve voted in bellyache corner and it’s a tossup between tackling her like a line backer or laughing at her antics and putting it down to old age.


While trying to figure out the ‘best’ course of action against this seemingly innocent act turned act of pure sabotage, we got discussing on different things people do on flights that inconvenience their fellow passengers.