Releasing United Cargo’s untapped potential

It is a transformational time at United Cargo – with the merger process in full swing and a new cargo boss injecting fresh perspective – and with this process comes the unparalleled opportunity to unleash what the new president of United’s cargo division, Jan Krems, sees as the vast untapped potential of ‘volcanic’ proportions. By Donald Urquhart.

Releasing United Cargo’s untapped potential

“My initial observation is that there are many more similarities than differences,” Krems says, revealing assumption to be misconception. “One thing I’ve noticed about both organisations: Leadership throughout the enterprise is very enthusiastic about the potential for substantial growth in cargo and very confident that cargo can be an even stronger contributor to the airline’s success.”

But differences do exist of course and one that Krems identifies is United Cargo’s focus on measuring key performance indicators and a large variety of other metrics. “This concentration on measuring as much as possible, is different from my experience with European carriers,” he explains.

Comparisons aside, it is the here and now that is important for Krems and United Cargo and what made an immediate impression on him, he says, was the “confident attitude and enthusiasm of the members of the United Cargo team.”

“Another thing that impressed me was the ‘business sense’ of the team. They know the strategies it will take to improve our business and they have a strong drive to deploy these actions and see them through to completion,” he adds.

A key reason for his decision to join United was what he says is his believe in the “untapped potential” of United’s cargo business, “that it was a ‘volcano’ that could erupt in a very positive way if the focus was placed where it belonged and the right actions were taken. So I was very pleased to hear that everyone on the team shares that belief. The team also made it clear that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make this success happen.”