Positioning FedEx for 2020 and Beyond

Charged with driving success for FedEx in the age of e-commerce, Subramaniam is a key player in evolving the strategy to handle this growth.

FedEx Raj Subramaniam

What’s around the corner for FedEx? Can you give a preview of what’s next?

As one of the initial disrupters in this space, we are not afraid to disrupt. That’s why we continue to pursue and try innovative solutions to meet the customer where they are.


Right now, we are testing innovations that could revolutionize how the goods we buy are delivered. For example, Roxo, the FedEx SameDay Bot, represents a new market for FedEx and is undergoing rigorous real-world testing to obtain critical feedback about customer needs and expectations; and FedEx Express and Wing launched a pilot program for drone deliveries with a goal of enhancing last-mile service for urgent same-day deliveries and for customers in rural or semi-rural areas, a new opportunity for growth for local businesses.


Additionally, we’re using vast amounts of data to drive operational efficiencies, investments in new products and services, and experiences tailored to the individual. Data has allowed us to introduce innovations like dynamic route optimization and enhanced user notifications. The more we use this information to enhance our services, the better experience we’re delivering for our customers – and our customers’ customers.

We’re always working on ways to exceed customer demands. Watch this space — there’s much more to come.