What is the 8th Payload Asia awards?

The Payload Asia Awards is back in full swing to recognise the companies that are evolving as they expand to new markets and disrupt existing business models in view of sustainability and growth. In its eighth edition, the Payload Asia Awards promises a much bolder awards ceremony to recognise the industry leaders and forward thinkers of the air cargo and logistics supply chain who stay at the forefront of the innovations to lead the new economy.

The Payload Asia Awards Story

First held in 2012, the Payload Asia Awards has gathered industry leaders in key hubs across Asia Pacific including Singapore and Hong Kong to celebrate industry excellence and camaraderie. Organised by Payload Asia, a well-respected name in the air freight industry since 1984, the awards puts the spotlight on the most outstanding companies in the air cargo and logistics supply chain as they navigate the challenging business environment. These companies have shown market adeptness, innovation, and superior strategic planning, becoming industry benchmarks in their own right and maximising opportunities to push growth into new markets.