Pharma-logistics sector is “behind the curve”

The pharma-logistics sector is facing a “shaky future” and needs to quickly embrace supply chain reform according to supply chain champion, Alan Kennedy speaking at the FlyPharma 2015 Conference in London on last month.

However Kennedy emphasised that the responsibility for driving improved supply chain integration ultimately rests with the pharma shippers. “’Big Pharma’ has the most to gain,” he said. “The creation of fully integrated networks needs the comprehensive commitment and involvement of the pharma majors.

Pharma manufacturers are the only supply chain stakeholder with the necessary clout to impose the cultural, commercial and technical reforms needed to bring all the logistics parties together.”

With more than 30 years of handson experience in the creation and development of integrated supply networks and promoting collaborative working methods, Alan Kennedy is one of the UK’s most experienced ‘collaborationists’. With supply chain experience and expertise extending across the life-sciences, logistics and built-environment industries, he has served on many industry committees and working parties, spoken on numerous platforms and published several papers on this topic.