SASI’s Stan Wraight joins jury panel at 7th Payload Asia Awards

A couple more weeks to submit entries for the 7th Payload Asia Awards and up next in our roster of judges is Mr Stanley Wraight.

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Mr Stanley Wraight, Stan as colleagues call him, is cofounder of Strategic Aviation Solutions (SASI), a global consulting and management firm which he started with two partners with extensive background in forwarding, airlines, integrators and express.

They work with airlines, airports, international trade organisations and financial institutions: the company responsible for developing ICAO’s safe supply chain courses. 

In China, SASI closed a deal with Aerotropolis Institute China (AIC) to conduct training courses on air cargo and logistics in Zhengzhou, which will allow the Institute to represent SASI’s training and learning division in the mainland. 

We caught up with Stan, as he shared his thoughts on recent developments, as well as a macro view of the air cargo supply chain.   

SASI World teams have been hard at work in these challenging times, looking at all aspects of supply chain logistics and what new business models are needed for airports, airlines and all other players in air cargo.  

Governments and civil aviation authorities are continuously consulted and we continue to do that on a regular basis. The overriding conclusion is this industry is in for a rough ride until at least 2025, and air cargo must now be of a much higher profile for airports and airlines going forward.   

It cannot be looked upon anymore as supplemental contribution to passengers, or just a real estate transaction. If all the parked or underutilised passenger wide bodies do not get a significant contribution from air cargo going forward, they will not be returning anytime soon.  

To enable this recovery all signs point to a first priority for full digitisation, e-Freight mandates and airports adopting cargo community systems urgently. This will allow airlines to develop relevant product portfolios, airports to support their most important clients the airlines, and GHA to reduce dwell times for both import and export through their facilities to minutes and hours, not days. Especially hub airports will have to introduce processes that treat transit cargo with the same efficiency as passenger baggage or lose relevance and competitiveness.  

I will be looking for these forwardthinking elements in any submissions for awards, how that company is doing its share in our recovery going forward. 

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