Paving the way for the ‘Hub’ Status In Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka Logistics & Freight Forwarders’ Association (SLFFA) has had a busy year and this year looks set to continue that trend as country seeks to develop into a major air and sea cargo hub.

Aside from a number of issues on the ocean shipping side, SLFFA was representing its members on a number of key air cargo issues.

The SLFFA along with the Shippers Council and the Export Development Board, made objections to the airlines who implemented the collection of surcharges on the chargeable weight instead of the gross weight. With the kind assistance of the Director of Civil Aviation, the matter was settled to the benefit of all the stakeholders who were grateful to the DCA for his effective intervention to resolve the matter.

SLFFA makes every effort to meet with the Sri Lanka Customs, the Ports Authority, the Civil Aviation Dept. and all other service providers to discuss matters of concern that is brought up by the members and seeks solutions, which is the focal point of the association.

The SLFFA continued to carry out its training programmes jointly with Achievers in promoting the Foundation, Certificate and FIATA Diploma level courses ensuring to maintain the professional standards of the industry.

These courses are recognised by the Director of Merchant Shipping for issuing Forwarder Licenses and also serves as an entry level to the Diploma in Procurement and Supply Management by the New Zealand Career College.