Mystified in Mùnchen (a story of lemmings and PTSD)

If ever there was a recipe for disaster in holding a press conference, it all came together at the recent Air Cargo Europe (ACE) event in Munich last month.

Mystified in Mùnchen (a story of lemmings and PTSD)

The cumulative effect of previous night’s entertainment at Munich’s famous beer halls probably didn’t help much either, but that’s another matter altogether.

And so, with most of the journos having found the obscure room, the event began with an introduction by the moderator, followed by the first speaker from the carrier as a handful of lost media types finally found the room and attempted to slink in, ultimately foiled by the rather cramped room which unfortunately had the door at the front next to the lineup of speakers and of course the podium.

And so, one after another the various cargo execs rose, gave their spiel and sat down, ad infinitum. The information, was well… rather stale and quite frankly, something everyone in the room already knew. And so, as the monotony of the historical info began its hypnotic spell, the tiny room grew warmer and warmer.

And, the eyelids grew heavier and heavier. As steadfast and stout as the Belly Achers are, we too succumbed, drifting off asleep with dare we say, drool forming the only expression on our slumbering faces.

Shaking ourselves awake, we looked left, looked right and much to our amusement a good proportion of the other journos were in various stages of slumber. We pity the one elderly gentleman from a US publication who unwisely chose to sit in the front row (ok, there were like only six or seven rows, but still), who unable to fight the primordial urge to slumber, succumbed to a full on, chinon- chest afternoon nap!