ST Engineering signs five-year heavy maintenance deal

ST Engineering will provide heavy maintenance support for an air cargo carrier at its airframe facilities in Alabama and other locations.

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ST Engineering total aviation support Courtesy of ST Engineering

ST Engineering has signed a five-year airframe heavy maintenance contract with an undisclosed air cargo carrier, effective 1 January 2021.

As part of the contract, the conversion and MRO specialist will provide heavy maintenance support for different aircraft types at the airframe facilities in Mobile, Alabama, and other locations.

In addition to heavy maintenance, ST Engineering will conduct landing gear replacements as well as special maintenance visits of various aircraft types at its Mobile facility.

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Against the backdrop of firm air cargo demand, we continue to provide strong maintenance support to our cargo carrier customers during this period so that they can focus fully on their delivery operations,” said Jeffrey Lam, president/head of commercial aerospace.

We are especially happy that we can continue to support long-standing customers, and to increase that support with the inclusion of more services and additional sites from our global facility network to meet their evolving needs,” he added.

Payload Asia reached out to ST Engineering for comments on the air cargo carrier, but the company said it could not disclose the name at the time of publish.

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