JD Logistics inaugurates warehouses in Europe

The company will provide e-commerce fulfillment for clients in Europe with an automated ground vehicle (AGV) system in its facilities.

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JD com : Operates Automated Warehouses in Europe AGV area inside JD’s Poland warehouse

JD.com’s logistics unit has started warehouse operations in Europe with the opening of two automated warehouses in Poland and Germany early in March.

The company expects to provide convenient and rapid fulfillment for clients in Europe with the help of a cutting-edge automated ground vehicle (AGV) system in both facilities.

JD’s warehouse in Germany

JD’s warehouse in Poland is located on the border with Germany, 90 kilometres from Berlin, and is connected to the major highways, airports and ports in Europe. Meanwhile, the warehouse in Germany is located in the north of Frankfurt.

The e-commerce giant highlighted its automated system in the facilities, which can recognise QR codes on the floor for route planning and automatic obstacle avoidance, making it more efficient than traditional manual picking.

Stard Huang, head of JD’s international logistics, hopes the new warehouses will serve as a blueprint as the company looks to expand in the region. “Through the warehouses in Poland and Germany, we have brought our quality supply chain, logistics and automation technologies to Europe. The two warehouses will be set as the examples to be further replicated in other places in the region,” he added.

The company says it is committed to promoting the development of global trade and providing integrated supply chain services to industry players. In 2020, JD operated 32 bonded and overseas warehouses with an estimated floor area of 440,000 square meters. It also established routes to more than 220 countries through collaboration with international and local partners.

In February, the e-commerce giant announced possible listing of JD Logistics in Hong Kong as it looks to ride on China’s e-commerce boom, post-pandemic.

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