LATAM launches new end-to-end system

The end-to-end air cargo management system in Latin America is facing a change, as the newer CROAMIS system developed by Wipro Limited. The new technology will be equipping LATAM with the most refined cargo management system.



On his part, Deviprasad Rambhatla, Vice President & Global Head – Travel, Transportation, Hospitality and Public Sector industries, Wipro Limited said, “We are honored to welcome LATAM Cargo into the CROAMIS user community. With CROAMIS, we are bringing about digital transformation usually seen only in the passenger side of the airline industry to the world of air cargo. Wipro has assembled a highly talented team of Airline Cargo professionals from across the world, supported by a large pool of technology professionals to build a solid and scalable foundation for the CROAMIS community”.


The change to the new system will bring about a number of advantages: it will give the company more agility to satisfy the needs of its customers, adding considerably to its value chain. Once implemented, CROAMIS will offer LATAM Cargo’s customers the convenience of a new tracking system, more and better self-service tools such as e-booking, e-claims, e-rates and a system in line with the highest industry standards.


Replacing various systems will improve reliability and uptime; the product will be flexible enough to admit modifications in response to industry needs and allow the incorporation of new technologies. Finally, CROAMIS will translate into a substantial increase in company’s efficiency by reducing the number of systems utilized and the associated infrastructure.