KFIA launches cargo clearance facility

Multi-modal cargo clearance facility at King Fahd International Airport is now fully operational to serve Dammam and the region.

CAI Cargo Village Changi Airports International KFIA King Fahd International Airport Lim Liang Song Saudi Arabia Yousef Al-Dhahri

Lim Liang Song, chief executive officer of CAI, lauded the close working partnership among CAI, KFIA and Saudi Customs. Lim said: “We are proud to be a part of this partnership in bringing this innovative facility to Dammam. The Cargo Village will provide greater connectivity and cost efficiencies, and enhance KFIA’s position as a key regional cargo hub on the Eastern seaboard of the Kingdom.”

The two-year construction commenced in December 2012 and is now fully operational. The first of its kind for multimodal facilities in the Kingdom, the Cargo Village has attracted leading international and regional freight companies, such as DHL Express, NAQEL, SMSA Express, TNT and UPS to establish express cargo clearance facilities and offices at the King Fahd Cargo Village.