Kerry releases 2020 global taste charts predicting top tastes in the coming year

Kerry explores the taste trends that will energize the local and global marketplace in 2020.


Kerry, the Taste and Nutrition Company, released today its 2020 Global Taste Charts, highlighting what will drive trends across the world, including the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, South Cone, Central America and APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa). The 2020 Taste Charts represent the company’s annual review of the food and beverage landscape utilizing sales performance, consumer trends, foodservice influences, and internal culinary and mixology expertise to predict trending tastes for the coming year.

Kerry’s predictions forecast that 2020 will bring further specificity to the origin of flavors and ingredients as consumers seek tastes that delight, surprise and excite them. As a leader in taste, Kerry is on a constant quest to discover and translate the best taste experiences from nature’s high-quality ingredients.


Customers can leverage Kerry’s unique expertise in food and beverage including our strong Taste knowledge and portfolio, to create differentiated products with the tastes consumers desire, that go beyond flavour. Utilizing the company’s global teams and end-to-end expertise, Kerry has created the 2020 Taste Charts, which provide the industry with a proprietary view into the flavors and ingredients shaping the food and beverage industry across sweet, beverage and savory categories.