Cargo Country Manager

Cargo Country Manager
Bangkok, Thailand

As an operator transporting cargo to over >110 airports across Asia, we are at the frontlines of this large, but unsexy space. This white space motivates us to redefine the way the supply chain operates and be the one-stop end-to-end delivery solutions provider.


As a start up, you can expect your days to be pretty varied. Multitasking is normal, and sometimes, your skills or natural talents will be leveraged to support other business priorities. That said, the bulk of your working hours should involve you having to:

  • Be the driver of the country business lines – Air Cargo. Define the execution plans and ensure we reach our goals for this market in terms of numbers, the building of capabilities or market reach. 
  • Provide leadership and guidance to the team – ensure motivations stay high and teams are clear on country-level strategies; establish a working system that enables strong alignment between strategy and implementation
  • Breakdown our overall strategy to implementable steps that your sales and operations team can easily roll out; stay in constant communication with Global Heads and Regional Heads providing any feedback/input
  • Build on the key relationships with our customers, agents and forwarders to grow our Air Cargo sales; grow sales within the segment of larger forwarders.
  • Oversee day-to-day activities of the sales teams, ensure alignment on pricing strategies to preserve the economics of our business; provide market insight to Global Yield Management where valuable market pricing information is obtained
  • Oversee day-to-day activities of the operations team with a focus on optimizing existing workflows, enforcing adherence to regulatory and safety requirements; provide Global Operations feedback on service providers(if any)
  • Be the main liaison for the country in key management meetings, regulatory audits and key meetings with external stakeholders e.g.: customers, local authorities, airlines, Airport Management Companies, Service Providers etc.
  • Participate in hiring activities, this includes supporting the sourcing, interviewing and on-boarding of country-level and central roles (especially ones located in the country e.g.: Standards, Customer Care etc. teams)
  • Play an active role in training and developing the capabilities of your team; in addition to on-the-job coaching, co-ordinate with central People & Places on training arrangements especially for critical roles 
  • Co-operate to provide necessary reports e.g.: sales, budget etc. and ensure proper financial controls are in place; when budgeting focus on maximizing existing resources before investing in new ones
  • Maintain strong lines of communication with air group airlines as well as Teleport HQ and invest in cross-country knowledge sharing for the overall growth of our business


  • Experience in the Air Cargo Business or Logistics Sector – understanding of the Thai market, its key players and trends 
  • Existing customer network a strong plus 
  • Few years of leadership experience, preferably running a sales team

You may be culture-shocked working in AirAsia and with the Teleport team. To help you understand us better, our leadership style is defined by our ability to:

  • Roll up our sleeves as needed, and never delegate work that one would not be willing to do yourself;
  • Do what is needed to get things done, as we believe speed is more important than anything else to effect change;
  • Over-communicate, particularly as we are all quite autonomous;
  • Take care of our staff, and treat them as we would want to be treated;
  • Be rigid on goals, flexible on the details;