Jettainer sees growth in outsourcing

The Lufthansa subsidiary believes there is a large untapped ULD outsourcing market across all sectors of the airline industry waiting to be tapped. By Michael Mackey.

As the air cargo industry starts to revive one company is already confident about what the future holds. “There is a good momentum right now for further growth,” Carsten Hernig, managing director, Jettainer GmbH told Payload Asia.

Jettainer’s business is outsourcing. Currently it fully owns, manages and maintains some 90,000 pallets and containers for 18 airline customers and has a global network consisting of approximately 500 stations at more than 450 airports.

Customers are provided with dedicated units featuring the airline’s branding. Interestingly this carrier branding – which is not offered by its competitors – has a spin-off benefity other than building brand-awareness. These include easy identification of ULDs and the fact that ULDs are generally being treated more carefully by personnel involved in the ground handling process as they feel greater responsibility for equipment of a particular airline than for anonymous equipment, Hernig said. This has the obvious benefits of significantly reducing repair costs caused by handling errors.

Jettainer also offers a state-of-the-art in-house IT system. ‘Jettware’ provides reliable web-based IT tools and therefore allows efficient management of the entire ULD fleet. Another tool ‘Management Cockpit’ allows customers to supervise ensuring the system’s transparency.

What is interesting is that this is just seemingly the beginning.