Cargobase adds parcel freight mode

Now Cargobase users can compare across all freight modes in a unified format

Cargobase DHL Wiebe Helder

Cargobase , the online platform for spot-buy freight, has successfully added the Parcel freight mode to its platform. With the successfully launched integration, Cargobase becomes the first platform that shippers can use to procure and manage any type of spot-buy freight; be it air, road, ship or parcel.


This means shippers can now seamlessly connect to their parcel providers such as FedEx, DHL Express and UPS, based on pre-agreed rates, and can book and create labels directly on the Cargobase platform, without having to switch between applications, giving users the ease of having only to deal with one platform.


Furthermore, it also creates an opportunity for users to compare parcel solutions with that of solutions offered by Freight Forwarders or road freight providers. “Comparing different offerings in a unified format, is what users already come to expect from procurement platforms. When you book a flight online for instance, you compare options that match criteria you have set. Cargobase is simply extending the luxury of one-stop visibility to our platform, which serves the logistics industry. Now users can easily search for the right price, transit time and freight mode.” said Mr Wiebe Helder, CEO Cargobase.


“We are extremely proud that we have launched the additional freight mode, as it creates such benefits for our users not having to switch between platforms anymore. Everyone is looking for the best option and now they can compare them with just a few clicks. We know our shippers are thrilled to see the cost avoidance figures” he shares.


With the integration, Cargobase is also adding an additional level of anti-fraud security compliance, where all account numbers are safely stored in the company’s profile and only accessible by admin or audit.

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