CargoAi launches tools as forwarders pursue sustainability

New features suggest routes/airlines based on carbon impact and calculate the CO2 emitted from each shipment, with monthly updated reports.

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CargoAi users are in for a treat as the platform will launch new features that would allow freight forwarders to track and trace CO2 emissions, as more companies take a sustainability approach and clean up their business activities.

They can now choose routes and airlines based on their carbon impact and calculate the CO2 emitted from each shipment. Monthly reports are also available to allow clients to analyse their own impact and monitor improvements.

With CargoAi’s unique Flight Search module, forwarders gain visibility to the CO2 emissions for each airline and route and allows them to choose transport solutions accordingly. Complementing this is a free ‘universal track and trace system’ to track each shipment and calculate the CO2 emission in real time.

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“As powerful decision-making and CO2 emission calculation tools, these features are highly sought after by clients at a time when sustainability is playing an increasingly significant role in air cargo,” CargoAi sad in a statement.

It took several months to develop the complex calculation system, the company noted, ‘with impartiality the primary goal.’ It said “CO2 emissions calculations for all airlines are based on the IATA RP1678 methodology, which is approved by the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC),” adding that the European standard DIN EN 16258 can also be used.

Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi, commented: “Cargo stakeholders have really become aware of sustainability, and carbon impact is a recurring topic in discussions with our clients. Through these new features, we wanted to highlight the efforts that airlines are making to reduce their emissions by allowing forwarders to choose their carriers on that basis. It was essential for us to take a position on this issue and to innovate, because it’s also another way of thinking about air cargo differently.”

Sustainability is such a board term and takes different forms these days, and has moved beyond the usual CSR activities. Over the past few months, forwarders have been partnering with airlines to push sustainable aviation fuel for freight transport. Others are joining alliances together with shippers as more pursue the idea of prioritising sustainability in the supply chain.

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