Air cargo digitisation makes progress with CargoAi and Champ deal

After integrating with IBS Software's iCargo last month, CargoAi is now connected to Cargospot partner airlines and GSAs via APIs.

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CargoAi and CHAMP partnership (Left) Nicholas Xenocostas, VP commercial & customer engagement at Champ Cargosystems; (right) Matthieu Petot, CEO of CargoAi

Fresh from its most recent integration with IBS Software, CargoAi is making further strides to make digitisation accessible to all industry players by partnering with Champ Cargosystems.

What this means is all airlines using Cargospot can be available for instant booking on CargoAi immediately, “if they wish,” without any investment on their side.

“Airlines only need to inform us and after a few hours of testing, they can start to receive bookings directly in their Cargospot from forwarders everywhere in the world,” CargoAi CEO Matthieu Petot told Payload Asia.

He said this is a huge opportunity for airlines to increase revenue but also for both forwarders and airlines to get rid of the inefficiencies in the current process.

“The partnership combined enables around 90 airlines to be available on CargoAi if they wish to receive instant booking worldwide,” he added.

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Connecting via APIs, Champ and CargoAi will enable supply chain partners—airlines, freight forwarders and GSAs—to connect and exchange information very easily.

“Our clients and users are at the heart of this partnership,” said Nicholas Xenocostas, VP commercial & customer engagement at Champ Cargosystems.

“Creating value for them has always been our priority and that is why we have the widest range of suites of systems dedicated to air freight. Being available on CargoAi, if they wish, is therefore an additional service that we can offer our clients,” he added.

As Xenocostas sees it, now is the time to “deliver innovation faster” to support and transform customers’ business processes, whilst bringing “more digitalization and visibility” to the air freight industry.

“Our goal remains the same: to make digitization accessible to all industry players,” noted Petot.

“Thanks to the joint work we have accomplished, our customers can grow their businesses by being connected to each other, without having to do anything.”

When asked whether there are plans to expand to Asia Pacific, Petot mentioned that the partnership covers all markets and all airlines using iCargo or Cargospot.

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