Investment in Supply Chain Technologies to increase dramatically in 2019

New report highlights technologies driving digital supply chains and how firms can assess their Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index.

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The top critical skills needed to compete in the next-generation supply chain according to the survey (and consistent with previous years):

  • Analytics/modeling/visualization (40%)
  • Strategic problem solving (37%)
  • General business acumen and cross-functional knowledge (31%)


Four Stages of Digital Adoption and the Supply Chain Digital Consciousness Index (DCI)

It is clear that data and technology will empower supply chains in the future, but it’s not a single technology-it will be a combination of the 11 highlighted in the survey.


The report defines a pyramid of digital adoption that has four technology stages, starting with the collection of data through digital connectivity, and then moving up the pyramid to generate increasing supply chain value and insights from that base data through automation, advanced analytics, and ultimately artificial intelligence.


The report includes a Supply Chain Digital Consciousness framework, developed by MHI and Deloitte, to help organizations assess their digital mindset and gauge their progress on the journey to becoming more digitally conscious.


The Supply Chain Digital Consciousness framework characterizes a supply chain on four levels of awareness — from dormant to elevated — and across five digital categories. The five digital categories span all dimensions of supply chains, from leadership, talent development and workplace culture, to technology and innovation adoption, to customer experience.