IATA chief urges closer cooperation

Marking the first time in a decade that an IATA director general has addressed the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) annual World Congress, Tony Tyler, IATA’s current director general, urged forwarders to collaborate with airlines to help boost the struggling air freight business. By Donald Urquhart.

IATA chief urges closer cooperation

In highlighting the importance of air cargo, not just to global airlines, but the global economy, Tyler laid out the difficulties facing the industry and appealed to the carriers’ partners to help boost the value proposition of air freight.

“We have to make sure air cargo has a strong value proposition. The industry is having a tough time – and shippers are having an equally tough time. We need to develop a higher level of trust with one another… We are partners in a totally remarkable industry,” Tyler said.

Tyler’s entreaties to the forwarding community further a distinct thaw in relations between the two associations which began with the appointment of Des Vertannes as IATA’s global cargo head, nearly four years ago, which helped to set relations between the two organsiations on a more productive track, as compared to the often bitter disputes in the past, particularly during the reign of Giovanni Bisignani.

Introducing Tyler to the assembled delegates, Jean-Claude Delen, past president of FIATA said: “A new, refreshing wind has started to blow inside a bureaucratic organisation. There is no need to remember the difficult relations between FIATA and IATA under the previous DG and the arrogant management.”