Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl)

Ground Handler of the Year (Customer Choice)

Ground Handler of the Year (Customer Choice)

What is the significance of this award to your company?

“Receiving such accolades is always a solid reinforcement of our customers’ decision to do business with us. For our staff , it’s a welcome recognition of their efforts to provide the best possible service. I can and do thank them, but when customers do so, it means so much more. That’s why it was a particular pleasure to have four of our key frontline staff at the awards ceremony, who joined me on stage to accept the award.”

What do you see as the key factors contributing to your win?

“I would like to think that it’s a combination of our professionalism, our customer focus, the way we treat our staff and train them, and the way we continue to invest in our business, even when margins are under pressure. Hactl has a reputation for all these things, it’s one we are proud of, and we have no intention of compromising it.”

Any other thoughts?

“Th ere are areas in which the industry is not as strong as it should be; notably in staff training and progression, electronic trade implementation and innovation. Future awards should target these and other industry deficiencies with meaningful and measurable criteria and sponsorship could provide additional incentives to individuals to strive and succeed. More recognition of individuals as well as companies would help to drive real change.”