HK secures environmental permit for third runway

The Airport Authority Hong Kong has been granted an environmental permit for the proposed expansion of HKIA into a three-runway system

Airport Authority Hong Kong Fred Lam HKIA Hong Kong International Airport three-runway system

The Airport Authority Hong Kong (the AA) has been granted an environmental permit (EP) by the Environmental Protection to approve the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the proposed expansion of Hong Kong International Airport into a three-runway system (3RS).

Fred Lam, chief executive officer of the AA, said, “We are delighted to obtain the EP. It marks a major step in Hong Kong’s pursuit of strengthening its long-term competitiveness and leading aviation hub status.

“The AA is committed to carrying out all the mitigation measures proposed in the 3RS EIA report, and fully complying with all the conditions listed by the Environmental Protection Department in a highly prudent, transparent and professional manner,” added Lam. “Our aim is to achieve a balance between economic development and conservation.

Lam stressed that the airport is currently operating very close to its maximum capacity. He said expanding the airport into a three-runway system will allow Hong Kong to meet its long-term air traffic demand, while generating local employment and facilitating economic development.

The AA is currently reviewing the cost estimate and associated funding arrangement, now that the scheme design for the 3RS project has been substantially completed. For the next stage, the AA will submit to the Government its recommendation for how to take the project forward, and proceed to completing other necessary statutory procedures once it obtains approval. “We target to obtain all the necessary approvals to expand the airport, with the aim of having the 3RS fully operational in 2023,” said Lam.