Startup taps Microsoft to push 3D sensing for air cargo

Speedcargo is set to disrupt air cargo and logistics with a suite of solutions to automate cargo sizing and stacking for air transport.

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Singapore deeptech startup Speedcargo is set to drive transformation in air cargo and logistics as it partnered with Microsoft to ease the bottlenecks in sizing and stacking shipments for air transport.

Using AI software and the latest 3D sending and imaging technologies, Speedcargo enables logistics providers to automate processes and optimise the use of their assets, particularly as the industry deals with the current imbalance between air freight demand and capacity.

In Singapore, the company works closely with ground handlers SATS and dnata to push the use of its AI and robotics solutions for digitisation, optimisation and automation in the air cargo and logistics space.

“The global pandemic has accelerated the need for transformation in the logistics space. With the number of operational flights being reduced at a rate of ~75% relative to pre-pandemic time and cargo volumes at nearly pre-pandemic levels, there is an immediate need for optimization,” said Suraj Nair, founder of Speedcargo Technologies.

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Beyond paperless documentation and data exchange, the startup noted that the next step for air cargo and logistics is a transition towards capturing the digital information of physical cargo, which would enable optimisation within organisations and across operating networks.

“SPEEDCARGO is working closely with Microsoft to build a digital twin of the physical cargo, provide critical information and the building blocks for a digitised operational model,” he added.

The startup offers three software products powered by artificial intelligence and robotics—CARGO EYE, CARGO MIND and CARGO ARM—that enables automation and operational efficiency for logistics service providers. Connected to the cloud through Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform, these solutions have helped an initial customer increase its revenue from underutilised assets by 20 to 25 percent, the company noted.

The company said it is looking to expand the use of Azure’s AI ecosystem to develop intelligent data-driven services for the logistics space, including warehousing, freight forwarding, trucking and logistics, and air freight ground handling.

“3D sensing is the next wave of computer vision, which helps ISVs differentiate and disrupt their target markets,” said Cyrus Bamji, partner hardware architect at Microsoft.

“Our collaboration with SPEEDCARGO showcases the benefits for ISVs to use Microsoft 3D sensing in conjunction with Azure cloud platform.”

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