Lödige Industries to enhance dnata’s Changi warehouse

Lödige Industries will bring in advanced ULD handling equipment and control technology and replace existing warehouse fittings by May.

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Lödige Industries supports dnata’s cargo warehouse modernisation project at Changi Airport Photo credit: Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries, a German manufacturer of cargo terminal solutions, has been selected to modernise and upgrade dnata Singapore’s cargo warehouse at Changi Airport by May 2021.

Designed to handle an annual turnover of 550,000 tonnes, the facility will incorporate new advanced handling equipment and control technology for unit load devices (ULDs), replacing and enhancing existing warehouse fittings.

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The project, set to be delivered by May 2021, includes replacing existing equipment with a modern turntable transfer vehicle, control system hardware and software, and slave pallet movers for flexible cargo handling.

The new equipment will allow the terminal to better handle peak capacity and extend its useful life by 15 to 20 years whilst reducing costs by minimising ULD damage.

Installing the new equipment (within just four weeks) while cargo operations continue, requires careful project planning and management to minimise the impact on dnata and its customers,” said Ranga Jayaweera, Singapore general manager at Lödige Industries.

We incorporated a practical and cost-efficient component redundancy in the project, which will reduce impact during construction, handle peaks and avoid unplanned downtime in the future,” he added.

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