Jettainer offers Cool Management

Jettainer offers management of temperature-controlled ULDs, the new service called Cool Management is offered in different models, according to the scope

Jettainer Martin Kraemer

Jettainer, the leading international service partner for outsourced ULD management, is expanding its product portfolio. As of now, the company is offering a special service for temperature-controlled ULDs. It includes the leasing, management and positioning as well as monitoring during the whole process. With this, Jettainer is facilitating this complex process, which includes the coordination of many parties, for their customers. The new service “Cool Management” can be booked in a variety of models.


The transport of temperature-sensitive goods via air freight requires precise planning and implementation. Starting with the sender via the shipper and the airline all the way to the owner of the specialized reefer-containers, everyone has to work together in a coordinated manner. Thus the complexity and also the risk potential for the delicate freight is respectively high. The ULD management is especially important in this case.


Jettainer’s new service increases the efficiency between all involved parties of the supply chain. In addition, it reduces the costs that can arise, for example through positioning or overcapacities. In order to cater to the customers’ individual needs, Jettainer offers the Cool Management service in different models, which differ in the scope of the offered services.


“We are transferring our long-standing know how of worldwide ULD management to our new Cool Management service in the area of temperature-sensitive transports. This way, we are serving our customers’ need for an easy, reliable organization of these transports and are simultaneously closing the gap in the management of complete ULD fleets,” said Martin Kraemer, head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer, at the product launch during the Air Cargo Handling Conference in Budapest.

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