dnata partners with Kale Logistics on e-commerce

dnata has partnered with Kale Logistics Solutions to develop an e-commerce platform for the Dubai air cargo community.

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The emergence of ecommerce is spreading through out the supply chain as air and ground services provider dnata has partnered with Kale Logistics Solutions to develop an e-commerce platform for the Dubai air cargo community.

dnata is investing in upgrading its slot booking platform Calogi, launched in 2008, with appointment and customs services management through Kale Logistics’s digital solutions.

The online portal, built mainly for small and medium enterprises, can be used by general sales agents, airlines, forwarders, 3PLs and ground handlers to trade in a paper-free environment.

“Customers will be able to integrate the platform into existing workflows through APIs (application programming interface) and take advantage of all innovative functions while interfacing with their own system,” dnata said, adding that the platform will also help customers simplify existing processes quickly and efficiently, without the need to invest in multiple systems.

Bernd Leo Struck, dnata’s senior vice president for UAE Cargo and DWC Airline Services, said that aside from helping optimise operations and reduce costs, the new e-commerce platform enables a more sustainable business model, promoting paperless and cashless transactions with automation.

dnata has been investing in technologies for its operations and recently launched a cloud-based appointment and dock management (ADM) platform in Dubai to improve planning and processing and provide transparency to freight forwarders.

The platform can easily integrate into Calogi and is expected to cut the average freight handling time at dnata’s cargo terminals by more than 60 percent or an average of 30 minutes. The cargo handler processes more than 700,000 metric tonnes each year year at both DXB and DWC.

“dnata and Dubai set a very high benchmark for the logistics industry, and we are happy to contribute to the growth of cargo in the region,” said Amar More, CEO of Kale Logistics Solutions.

“We are confident that with our proven platform and with dnata’s partnership and experience, the Dubai cargo community will benefit immensely through the platform,” More added.

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