dnata goes green with new recycling programme

dnata, one of the worlds largest air service providers, commits to a greener future with its new recycling programme in both its Dubai hubs

dnata Ground Services Equipment recycling programme

dnata, one of the world’s largest air services providers, has ramped up its recycling programme for its fleet of 12,000 units of GSE (Ground Services Equipment) in both of its Dubai hubs (DXB and DWC).


Since the launch of the recycling programme this year, over 80 units of GSE have been renewed at the GSE maintenance base, reducing waste generated from GSE by 110 tonnes while passing all safety and quality checks. The projection for 2017 is an estimated 140 pieces of GSE being recycled, saving the company approximately over AED 13 million, and reducing waste by 250 tonnes.


As GSE reach the end of their life cycle, they were previously replaced with newer versions. However, given the sturdy and enduring nature of the machinery, the GSE mostly simply required a mechanical overhaul to be put back into service. The dnata GSE maintenance facility, located at DXB airport spans 36,000 sqm and employs 1,145 dedicated team members who carefully check the GSE for any faults before replacing parts that need renewing, therefore extending the lifespan to  up to 18 years.


dnata’s GSE (Ground Services Equipment) recycling programme is projected to save approximately over AED 13 million and reduce waste by 250 tonnes in 2017.

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