dnata deploys Hermes 5 software at six Australian airports

Hermes 5 is a cloud-based software that can streamline cargo ground handling processes by capturing data of cargo events in the warehouse.

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dnata is now using cargo management system Hermes 5 from Hermes Logistics Technologies  at six airports across Australia, a press release confirmed. 

H5 is offered as a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) to help streamline cargo ground handling processes in the warehouse. It can be used in tandem with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to optimise business and handling processes. 

Ground handler dnata now uses Hermes 5 across its facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, and Brisbane. The software can be hosted through Hermes NG (Next Generation), fully modular, cloud-hosted cargo management ecosystem, that can used on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

This means users can pick and choose exactly which cargo management applications they want and need from Hermes NG, without the need for additional IT infrastructure, which saves on capital expenditure. 

“All of dnata’s cargo management systems at the six airports have been migrated into a single Hermes digital ecosystem, streamlining their services and unlocking opportunities for machine learning algorithms to provide insights on efficiencies, costs and new services as part of Hermes NG Business Intelligence (BI), said Yuval Baruch, CEO of Hermes Logistics Technologies. 

Apart from business intelligence, Hermes NG applications offer machine learning, track and trace, and self-serve capabilities.  

Users can know when, where, and why an issue has arisen, and use the data to make operational decisions. 

Cargo events captured through the Hermes 5 software can produce predictive models to help refine cargo handling services. 

“The Hermes v5 technology will allow for improved oversight and service excellence, elevate data sharing with all our stakeholders in the air cargo ecosystem, and provide enhanced transparency across the cargo handling process,” said Terence Yong, regional cargo development director, Asia Pacific at dnata

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