WACO grows global footprint

The exclusive freight network adds members in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cameroon, and Senegal as members prepare to meet in Macau at the EGM

GESPROS SA Guy Sagna OMA Logistics Senegal SARL Pedro Cabrera Richard Charles SICARGA Panama SA The WACO System

The WACO System has appointed three new members from Africa and Latin America. SICARGA Panama SA will cover Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua in the network, GESPROS SA will represent Cameroon; and OMA Logistics Senegal SARL will represent Senegal.


The new members will be officially welcomed during WACO’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), which will take place in Macau from 23rd to 25th October 2017.


“We are focused on offering comprehensive global coverage, through a network of local experts,” said Richard Charles, executive director, The WACO System. “Latin America and Africa are important markets and we are pleased to be welcoming such well-established experts to the WACO family.”


Headquartered in Panama City, with offices in Colon, Panama, as well as San Jose, Costa Rica, SICARGA Panama SA offers connections to more than 44 destinations in Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of South America. “Being part of such a distinguished network, with all these first-class members, with no doubt, will be a strategic asset for us to expand our worldwide coverage and to offer our customers a dependable and value-added service,” said Pedro Cabrera, CEO, SICARGA Panama SA.


Established in 2012, GESPROS SA is headquartered in Douala, Cameroon, and offers a full suite of logistics services worldwide, including special projects.


OMA Logistics Senegal SARL serves the entire logistics sector, including transit cargoes to Mali, and specialises in services for the oil and gas industry, including the handling of offshore oil and gas projects. “It is an honour for OMA Logistics Senegal to be a member of this prestigious WACO community consisting of brilliant freight management companies,” said Guy Sagna, Operations Manager, OMA Logistics Senegal SARL. “Being the Senegal representative will provide our company with opportunities to further strengthen our tradition of good quality service which OMA is committed to offer to our customers and to enhance our visibility within the WACO community.”


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