Volga-Dnepr delivers 11 generators to Madagascar

Volga-Dnepr delivered 11 generators on-board a series of An-124-100 flights to increase the capacity of the power plant supplying the capital of Madagascar.

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On-board a series of six An-124-100 freighter flights, Volga-Dnepr delivered 11 generators to Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. The flights were completed over a 14-day period from the island of Mauritius on behalf of Kupa Proje Tasimacilik Ve Lojistik, a Turkish freight forwarder.


The delivery of the generators will boost the capacity of the existing power plant in Antananarivo to 120 MW. The project is being implemented by the Turkish company Aksa Energy, one of the leading independent power producers, and will significantly improve power supplies for the city’s businesses and residents.


Volga-Dnepr’s Cargo Planning specialists worked closely with the experts at ALE, the worldwide heavy transportation and lifting company to ensure the most efficient solution for the delivery programme, which enabled two generators to be carried onboard the An-124-100 at a time, by using special loading equipment. Each generator weighed 57 tonnes.


Vladimir Bykov, Head of Volga-Dnepr’s Cargo Planning Center, said: “Working in close cooperation with our customer, the detailed logistics planning for the project ensured we were able to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of loading and unloading equipment. In Mauritius, we loaded the generators into the aircraft using an external crane, while in Madagascar the cargo was unloaded directly to trailers to save time and money for the customer. We were able to complete these tasks using loading/unloading technology that was first tested by the airline’s specialists for the delivery of oil equipment to Colombia in 1996.”


Johann Van Zyl, Sales Manager of ALE said: “Volga-Dnepr won this contract because of the quick reactions, accurate information and continued support we and our client received. We look forward to the next project”

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