TAM Cargo appoints new executive director

Luis Quintiliano has been named TAM Cargo’s executive director. Here, he shares with us about his expectations on his new appointment.

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Luis Quintiliano has been named TAM Cargo’s executive director. With 16 years of experience, this industrial engineer, who has specialised in Marketing and Business Administration and has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, is leaving LAN CARGO after a successful tenure as vice president of cargo operations.

Here, he shares with us about his expectations on his new appointment.

What challenges are you facing in the new role?
Luis Quintiliano (LQ): The association of the cargo units in Brazil (TAM Cargo and ABSA) has been successful. Now, the remaining challenge is to consolidate our position as market leaders in the air cargo segment by developing business solutions that allow us to offer an excellent service to our customers. We also have to work to gain presence in niches where we don’t yet have significant participation.

What are your main objectives?
LQ: Our main goals are based on the four pillars that will allow TAM Cargo to continue to be a market leader and the best air cargo option in Brazil. To this end, we will work on:
1.            Security: to guarantee the safety of our customers, our passengers and our company.
2.            Customers: offering the best products, excellence in our operations based in our customer’s needs.
3.            Team: maintaining a motivated an honest, professional, highly qualified and passionate
4.            Excellence: being good is not enough; we aim to be the best!

What do you expect from the Brazilian market in the future?
LQ: I firmly believe in the potential of the Brazilian market and I am hoping to see some change regarding the scenario we have witnessed in recent times, in order to be able to grow sustainably. Growth will be possible thanks to the investments we have made in infrastructure, systems and procedures. TAM Cargo has made significant investment because we believe in this transformation and hope to see results in the near future.

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