Specialized air shipments of fashion and banking supplies taken on by independent freight forwarders

OTIM and PROLINAIR have secured new contracts by providing their customers with tailor-made solutions to their freight requirements.

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The economic outlook for growth in airfreight continues to look positive on the back of a much improved 2016 compared to the previous year, as the last IATA report shows. With a conscious effort to improve competitiveness, the air cargo business is looking at ways to provide better customer service and satisfaction.


The freight forwarding companies that wish to take advantage of the opportunities must be capable of offering freight solutions suited to customers’ needs and constantly strive for excellence.


Demands and requirements from the market, exporters and importers are more and more diversified and complex, freight forwarding companies need to be not only well priced but also innovative in the way they approach solving logistical problems for clients. OTIM and PROLINAIR, two members of the Connecta Air Freight Network, have secured new contracts by providing their customers with tailor-made solutions to their freight requirements.


OTIM SpA solutions for fashion garments and clothing industries

An Italian company located in Milan, OTIM SpA, with an airfreight trajectory of almost 70 years, has specialised in finding unique solutions to shipping problems. Their latest effort for the fashion garments and clothing industry is a good example.


OTIM has signed exclusive agreements with Air China and Air Bridge Cargo, for weekly fixed allotments on board a direct flight. Every Friday they close their consolidations to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), and on a daily basis they ship the urgent deliveries to fashion shows, exhibitions or store openings. Also, on board service is available.
The OTIM Team carefully takes care of the packaging and palletising of the garments, hanging garments and clothing items, which are packed into perfectly shaped cartons, covered with cardboard and double wrapped in thermal black plastic film. Items arrive at destination in pristine condition and are dispatched to customers without needing to be re-ironed.


PROLINAIR securely delivers high value products for banking industry

This French based cargo agency had to come up with meticulously well planned security measures to enable safe and secure movement of printed fiduciary (banknotes) from Liege in Belgium to Paraguay. Measures included the charter of an MD11 freight jet, 4 trucks equipped with internal CCTV cameras and signals that were tracked by GPS. As an added measure the convoy was followed by a road escort.


Their customer, a worldwide leader in banknotes printing, has expressed their utmost satisfaction with the great (and safe) service.


“Congratulations must be given to OTIM and PROLINAIR for their achievements. It’s innovative thinking and finding solutions rather than presenting problems that can help independent freight forwarders mark the difference, acquire more business as well as becoming leaders in their field” indicates Sarah Bidmead, Network Manager at CONNECTA Airfreight Network. “As part of a network of air freight IATA specialists, Members can share their expertise, knowledge and resources to ensure workable solutions to individual freight projects”.

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