Dutch airfreight specialist starts wholesale business at Schiphol

Wholesale by Vels will focus on outbound services to Asia Pacific and the Americas and inbound capacity from Asia and the US.

airfreight wholesaler Amsterdam Schiphol Airport cargo consolidation Wholesale by Vels

Ricardo Vels, managing director of Wholesale by Vels, spent over 20 years in key positions with forwarders, cargo handlers, aviation truckers and a major wholesaler.

Dutch cargo company—Wholesale by Vels—has officially launched operations at Schiphol airport, Europe’s fourth largest air cargo hub, as it looks to provide air cargo capacity as a wholesaler at a time when capacity is hard to come by.

The “full-service cargo wholesale company” is targeting forwarders without IATA licenses, as well as courier and trucking companies and e-commerce and digital forwarders, saying it is “strictly neutral and will only deal with transport intermediaries.”

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Owner Rinaldo Vels, a 20-year veteran and well-known in the Dutch airfreight circuit, believes that the way of making deals in the industry is still very much a matter of contacts, reputation and trust, but he also thinks customers want some transparency when it comes to buying rates and airfreight costs. And this is where marrying both traditional and digital comes in.

“Wholesale by Vels complements and supports today’s digital systems and front ends, with the equally important practical knowledge of which routes and carriers work best, and how you can still achieve viable buying rates that win business and leave room for profit,” he added.

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