Freight Forwarders Association PANGEA adds 10 new members

The independent freight forwarder network continues to expand and consolidates representation on the main markets.

Pangea Logistics Network Sarah Bidmead


Pangea Logistics Network, a global network of independent freight forwarders begins 2017 with the incorporation of 10 new members in Colombia, Germany Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and United States; the last announced incorporation was AIRWORLD AIRLINES from United Kingdom.


New members are evaluated for their business trajectory and local reputation and have committed to further develop and explore business opportunities with their counterparts around the globe. They are small and medium sized independent transport and logistics companies that have managed to preserve their independence along the years. By joining forces within the Pangea Network, they aim to gain competitiveness, secure new business, generate worthy leads and enter in global tenders.


The representation of Pangea on the main markets is complete, covering main airports, seaports and trading locations. PANGEA has a non over-loaded growth based on a fixed maximum of three to four companies per country in order to protect territorial exclusivity of the companies that make up the network and has reached this figure in various locations. However, there are still attractive opportunities in several countries available to forwarders interested in giving an impulse to their business by joining Pangea.


With more than 180 members in over 90 countries, Pangea Logistics Network stands out for encouraging an active and true cooperation between their associates that is registered, controlled and rewarded by means of 25 dollars per shipment. This policy, together with other exclusive benefits offered to members, has converted Pangea into a reference for medium and small sized forwarders who look for an efficient way of competing with the multinational operators without seeing their operative autonomy limited.


“We are delighted to welcome these new Members on board and to engage them in our cooperative model”, assures Sarah Bidmead, network manager of Pangea Logistics Network. “Our growth and fidelity in the sector show that we know how to respond to the needs of the small and medium forwarders, that are faced with a market dominated in a 44% by the multinationals. Joining Pangea offers them the chance to continue to compete and attract new customers in this complicated context.”

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