Fishy first for Davies Turner

Davies Turner, the UK’s leading independent freight forwarder, has helped to bring the first-ever Sand Tiger sharks bred in captivity from South Africa to the UK. Th e shipment was facilitated by Davies Turner Air Cargo’s (DTAC) Aquatics team which acted as clearance and handling agent in the UK and was responsible for road delivery to Plymouth from London Heathrow airport.

“Th e Sand Tiger shark is vulnerable in the wild and the work of organisations like NMA and SAAMBR is a valuable attempt to protect them by raising awareness and exposure. Despite a fearsome appearance due to needle sharp teeth, Sand Tiger sharks are relatively placid creatures that would rather swim away than have interactions.”

Davies Turner Aquatics is one of several specialist services that DT Air Cargo off ers in addition to its general airfreight and supply chain management services. Davies Turner Aquatics has specialist expertise in moving a wide range of fi sh and associated products, offering consultancy in meeting individual requirements, or building long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and partners worldwide.

The Aquatics team handles both freshwater and marine fi sh as well as plants and invertebrates. DT Aquatics only provides services for bona fide importers of ornamental fi sh, and public Aquaria for conservation purposes, but not for research.