FedEx Express expands network in Vietnam with flights to Hanoi

A new route has been introduced to connect the FedEx APAC Hub in Guangzhou, China with Hanoi. This new route from the world's largest express transportation company, is enhancing its services into and out of the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. This new route would be connecting the city of Hanoi to the FedEx APAC Hub in Guangzhou, China.


Recent research1 commissioned by FedEx found that 58% of Vietnam’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are exporting to markets in the Asia Pacific region and 80% were exporting to markets beyond. The USA, China, India and the main European markets are the top export destinations. SME leaders are optimistic for the continued growth of exports and support from logistics partners is a key factor in this growth. To meet the dynamic market needs, FedEx continually adjusts its network and routings in Asia Pacific.


In April, FedEx announced a new route connecting the FedEx APAC Hub in Guangzhou and the FedEx World Hub in Memphis. In January, FedEx officially opened its Shanghai International Express and Cargo Hub, the second international hub in China.