DHL Express expects ‘extraordinary’ peak volume in Asia Pacific

Globalisation and digitalisation are driving online shopping to new heights whilst Covid-19 accelerates e-commerce boom.

Asia Pacific DHL Express e-commerce logistics express provider

(Credit: DHL Express)

DHL Express says its global network can expect more than 50 percent increase in volumes during the 2020 peak season, compared to 2019. In Asia this number swings in the 30 to 40 percent range. 

Numbers from the most important shopping occasions from earlier this year have already shown an increase in online e-commerce shipment volumes by at least 35 percent, according to the express services provider.

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But DHL Express prepared: more than 10,000 additional hires, new aircraft, and significantly increased operations capacity with investments amounting to €1 billion. 

To manage the demands of e-commerce shipping and of highly important protective equipment and medical goods, DHL Express added cargo flights whilst passenger aircraft stayed grounded. 

This year alone, the company has already commissioned four new widebody B777F aircraft in its operations, and two more units are expected in November. 

The company expects these six additional aircraft to carry out more than 3,000 additional intercontinental flights per year. 

“In Asia Pacific, we are expecting this year’s peak season shipment volumes to be 30-40 percent larger than last year. While these are extraordinary numbers, our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated aircraft fleet, and insanely customer centric employees are fully prepared to meet our customers’ requirements,” said Sean Wall, executive vice president, network operations & aviation, DHL Express Asia Pacific.

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