Jettainer launches basic ULD service for smaller airlines

plug&fly, a ‘streamlined’ version of its full ULD service, offers a fixed pricing model based on the number of units owned by a carrier.

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Jettainer rolls out plug&fly – a new basic ULD service developed for small and mid-sized airlines Courtesy of Jettainer

Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary Jettainer has developed a solution to help small and medium carriers unlock the benefits of outsourced ULD management by optimising the number of units in its fleet and in turn saving cash.

The company’s newly launched plug&fly service is a ‘streamlined’ version of its full service and offers a fixed pricing model that is guided by the number of ULDs owned by the carrier.

Jettainer said that the new service can help airlines optimise their ULD fleet by 15 percent while making sure that units are available anywhere, at any time at transparent fixed prices.

“plug&fly is seamless to implement and thus the fastest way to positively influence the cost and efficiency of ULDs for an airline,” it added.

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Jettainer offers customised solutions for airlines, including ULD management, maintenance and repair, but said “these tailored full-service solutions do not meet the needs of each and every airline.”

“Big carriers are not the only ones who get to enjoy optimised ULD fleets and the smart global management services provided by Jettainer’s industry experts,” said Thomas Sonntag, Jettainer’s managing director.

“Many other airlines with fleets of up to 2,000 ULDs can now reap the rewards too. To arrive at this destination, we had to take a separate, more streamlined approach that we are now rolling out with plug&fly,” he added.

Outsourcing the management of ULDs would reduce in-house IT costs of tracking inventory for airlines, Jettainer noted, adding that customers can rely on its global network to guarantee availability of ULD units as needed.

“plug&fly takes the hassle out of ULD management for the customer. By focusing on the core service, it offers customers a quick, easy and transparent way to realize cost advantages,” Sonntag noted.

“This allows airlines to increase the focus on their core business while experiencing continued flexibility and full cost transparency,” it added.

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